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About Pariszki

Boukendoul Lyazid

He is a believer of recognising the vast potential in children thus began creating the absolute ground plan to enhance their futures by developing their extra-curricular talents into a career through strengthening and solidifying their confidence, and driving their inner abilities to achieve their life's goal at their very best levels.

Nur Azura Abdullah

As one of the key individuals on the senior management team of Le Greenwich Concept and the ParisZki brands of products, she not only ensures successful business targets, she maintains the high standards of customer service and satisfaction. This multitasking, multitalented woman of substance is also fondly known as the Mother of ROI Ideas at ParisZki.

YubTube Channels

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Unravelling modelling potential

The latest leading brand in kids high fashion. Designs created are fully handmade and of the highest quality. No one piece is the same. Simply exquisite only for your little BigSHOTs !

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